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UPHOLSTERY CLEANING & SHAMPOOING SERVICES IN DUBAI (By Professional Company): We provide upholstery cleaning services that will not only clean but sanitize and disinfect all your upholstery furniture. Classy Green Upholstery Cleaning Service (Sofa/Couch/Carpet/Rug/Mattress/Curtain/Fabric Chairs) removes stains, smell, bad odor, dirt and soiled areas, bacteria and viruses, ensuring the highest standard of hygiene and a healthy living environment. We will revitalize and extend the life of your carpets, sofas, chairs and mattresses!.... Look no further and call Dubai's Upholstery Cleaning Company on 055-156 7861 (or) 04 386 2629 (or) (or) (Classy Green Cleaning & Maintenance Services Dubai Our Upholstery DEEP cleaning/Shampooing/Vacuuming Service Covers as follows: ✅ Sofa Deep Cleaning ✅ Fixed-Carpet Cleaning ✅ Office Carpet Cleaning ✅ Rug Cleaning ✅ Furniture Vacuum Cleaning ✅ Mattress Cleaning ✅ Curtains Cleaning

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